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Saturday, November 5, 2011

You can't copy genuine.

People like this are pathetic...

You can thank me for your partner, weight loss, sex life, imitated success, technique, style, drive, and fake talents, but yet you still "hate me". Hate me enough to imitate most of what I do or blatantly copy it, follow it to the point of obsession. There is not much that you do that is original. Chameleons like you must be so unhappy with themselves since you don't have a true self. You even have to lie to yourself, friends, probably partner, and even people you don't know to convince them that you are the victim of everything you do. Hilariously, you cause it and the lying makes you look even more ridiculous. It's hard for someone to not be in the same place you are, if you follow them around... You are not fooling anyone, but I do know they find humor in humoring you.

You can't copy genuine, but you sure can look like a trashed up, third rate, ill-propotioned, knock off. Good luck with that!

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