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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I just got over being sick, and I think I'm getting sick again! Boo.

I have so much to do and little energy to do it all with. I hate winter.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

You can't copy genuine.

People like this are pathetic...

You can thank me for your partner, weight loss, sex life, imitated success, technique, style, drive, and fake talents, but yet you still "hate me". Hate me enough to imitate most of what I do or blatantly copy it, follow it to the point of obsession. There is not much that you do that is original. Chameleons like you must be so unhappy with themselves since you don't have a true self. You even have to lie to yourself, friends, probably partner, and even people you don't know to convince them that you are the victim of everything you do. Hilariously, you cause it and the lying makes you look even more ridiculous. It's hard for someone to not be in the same place you are, if you follow them around... You are not fooling anyone, but I do know they find humor in humoring you.

You can't copy genuine, but you sure can look like a trashed up, third rate, ill-propotioned, knock off. Good luck with that!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I got to order my Billow Dress today! So excited for it to arrive!

What a crappy day, though! It's been freezing rain all day :(.

Intervention Rant

I am kind of addicted to the show Intervention-ironic no? Usually, the show makes me feel good, even if it causes a few tears. But sometimes, it makes me downright furious. I have seen blogs about Intervention before. Some are hilarious and some are ignorant. I recently watched an episode of Intervention that made me want to blog about it. ALLISON-is a huffer. Her attitudes towards anything but her selfish, brat needs to huff are the only thing that matters. She also looks like a fucking idiot when she huffs. It's so bad that it makes me wonder if she loses her vision when she gets high too. The situation gets so bad that police get involved. The way she talks to the police is worse than the way she talks to her family. For fucks sake! I wish they had tazered her. 99.9% of the time I have some sympathy, often a lot of sympathy for the individuals on the show. I have zero sympathy for Allison. It is not that she has nothign in her past to feel bad about, she does. It is just the way that she expects men to love her and care for her and is surprised when they bolt a few months in. It's how she has no respect for her cats who are constantly inhaling the shit she puts in the air. It is the way she acts like a fucking 2 years old any time some says something she does not like. It's the fact that she is whoring herself out to an ugly married man with two kids to get money for her habit. Pathetic. If for some crazy reason, you feel like yelling at a TV for 45 minutes, look that episode up. It baffles me and while I am not at all unhappy with the accomplishments I have already achieved it makes me feel that much better that I have never even been remotely close to...that.

Juliet - Clitoral Stimulator #2

This was my second assignment from Eden. When I first started reviewing there in 2007, you did not get to choose your assignments the way you do now. You edited your product preferences and they would send you an assignment. From there you would accept or decline. Wow, Ef has really expanded from that!

My Review "Dr. Juliet"

I remember that my item didn't arrive for over two weeks and so EF sent me another. The original one finally showed up, so I ended up with two. I gave the other to my then roommate Megan. The biggest appeal of this toy for we was the multi use, but even more so was the fact that it is waterproof. I ended up using it more for indirect clitoral stimulation and nipple play than anything else because of the loop at the top. I only got rid of this toy a few months ago. I had stopped using it long before that, but at least it still worked. It's a great toy for those who don't like traditional toys.

Four Ear Bunny Vibe - Review #1

This was my very first assignment from EdenFantasys. I had gotten on the website in the first place because I googled online sextoy stores. Eden has free shipping on ANY order, yes, ANY. At the time this was awesome! That got rid of that about a year later or so. It became $4.95 and now is $5.95. Still amazing!

Well this little guy was my third toy ever. My first was a little finger vibe I got from Spencers and the second was a tiny little butt plug.

I remember being so excited to get the Four Ear Bunny Vibe. I came from it so quickly. I think that started my obsession with sex toys lol! Unfortunately, it is discontinued from EF now. Even though it is made of jelly, I think I'd still buy another one. It's like a rabbit vibe but only for the clit. I prefer clit stimulation above penetration, so this was perfect for me.


Okay, so I really want to get into blogging again. Every time I say this it never happens! I want to go back and recount my sex toy reviews and give updates on whether or not I still have the toy, if it works, etc. Since edenfantasys doesn't allow more than one follow up, I'll do it here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Selection for Eden's Writer's Club-February

For my Eden's Writers Club submission, I chose this piece:
Although a little early, I am posting a poem that it very dear to me. I lost a very close friend while I was in high school. He passed away unexpectedly and I have never quite gotten over it. The love I have for my friend was completely unconditional. Even at 23 years of age, I now still look up to my friend who died at 17. I think of him everyday.
Let’s Not Say Goodbye
2-25-2005: JRH Rest In Peace
Written by: LEW ©

          Let’s not say goodbye
          It’ll only leave me drying my eyes
          To part with you I’ll never know how
          For in my tender heart
          I know we’ll meet again if we ever part
          Every time you’re not around
          I’ll pick up your picture and I’ll be sound
          Crying, I’ll look at your beautiful face
          No memory of you will ever be erased
          You’re a wonderful person inside & out
          My trust in you I do not doubt
          I’ll never pull away even for a little while
          I long to see your wonderful smile
          So when we are gone from outside these doors
          My heart will always be yours
          With me forever you will have a special place
          In my mind you have left a trace
          It’ll only leave me drying my eyes
          So lets not say goodbye

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