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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Intervention Rant

I am kind of addicted to the show Intervention-ironic no? Usually, the show makes me feel good, even if it causes a few tears. But sometimes, it makes me downright furious. I have seen blogs about Intervention before. Some are hilarious and some are ignorant. I recently watched an episode of Intervention that made me want to blog about it. ALLISON-is a huffer. Her attitudes towards anything but her selfish, brat needs to huff are the only thing that matters. She also looks like a fucking idiot when she huffs. It's so bad that it makes me wonder if she loses her vision when she gets high too. The situation gets so bad that police get involved. The way she talks to the police is worse than the way she talks to her family. For fucks sake! I wish they had tazered her. 99.9% of the time I have some sympathy, often a lot of sympathy for the individuals on the show. I have zero sympathy for Allison. It is not that she has nothign in her past to feel bad about, she does. It is just the way that she expects men to love her and care for her and is surprised when they bolt a few months in. It's how she has no respect for her cats who are constantly inhaling the shit she puts in the air. It is the way she acts like a fucking 2 years old any time some says something she does not like. It's the fact that she is whoring herself out to an ugly married man with two kids to get money for her habit. Pathetic. If for some crazy reason, you feel like yelling at a TV for 45 minutes, look that episode up. It baffles me and while I am not at all unhappy with the accomplishments I have already achieved it makes me feel that much better that I have never even been remotely close to...that.

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