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Monday, February 7, 2011

Selection for Eden's Writer's Club-February

For my Eden's Writers Club submission, I chose this piece:
Although a little early, I am posting a poem that it very dear to me. I lost a very close friend while I was in high school. He passed away unexpectedly and I have never quite gotten over it. The love I have for my friend was completely unconditional. Even at 23 years of age, I now still look up to my friend who died at 17. I think of him everyday.
Let’s Not Say Goodbye
2-25-2005: JRH Rest In Peace
Written by: LEW ©

          Let’s not say goodbye
          It’ll only leave me drying my eyes
          To part with you I’ll never know how
          For in my tender heart
          I know we’ll meet again if we ever part
          Every time you’re not around
          I’ll pick up your picture and I’ll be sound
          Crying, I’ll look at your beautiful face
          No memory of you will ever be erased
          You’re a wonderful person inside & out
          My trust in you I do not doubt
          I’ll never pull away even for a little while
          I long to see your wonderful smile
          So when we are gone from outside these doors
          My heart will always be yours
          With me forever you will have a special place
          In my mind you have left a trace
          It’ll only leave me drying my eyes
          So lets not say goodbye

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